Module D Reused/Recycled Product Tool (BETA)

This tool can be used to get an idea of a product's module D carbon emissions – emissions saved in the future by designing for some or all of the product to be reused or recycled. It is important to note that module D is a net result, not gross. So, if a product contains 95% recycled content and 95% will be recycled in the future, the module D result will be zero! For this reason, a gross result is also shown (not used for module D).  


Enter the required information into the yellow fields. When done, the results will appear/update in the green fields.

Product details
Quantity in building kg
Percent from a recycled/reused source %
Percent to be recycled/reused in the future %
Product emissions details
Standard product kg CO2 eq. per kg
Recycled/reused product kg CO2 eq. per kg
Quality factor (see notes)
Results - Gross
Emissions avodied, total kg CO2 eq.
Results - Net (Module D)
Virgin material consumption avoided kg
Emissions avoided, per kg kg CO2 eq. per kg
Emissions avodied, total (Module D result) kg CO2 eq.