Recycled / Reused Product Carbon Benefit Tool (BETA)

This tool can be used to get an idea of how much a building's carbon emissions are reduced by using an alternative product. The alterative product could be anything, but this tool is particularly intended for reused products.


Enter the required information into the yellow fields. When done, the results will appear/update in the green fields.


Building details
Life cycle stages
Building emissions per m2 kg CO2 eq. / m2 (A1-A5*)
Floor area m2
Current product details
Emissions factor kg CO2 eq. / kg (A1-A5*)
Alternative product details
Percent of quantity (above) %
Emissions compared with current product %
Results at building level due to alternative product
Reduction, total kg CO2 eq.
Reduction, per m2 kg CO2 eq. / m2
Reduction, % of building emissions %

Example for raised access floor:-


- Life cycle stages: A1-A3

- Building emissions per m2: 600 kg CO2 eq. per m2 (as a notional target)

- Floor area: 10000 m2


- Quantity: 8000 m2 (i.e. 80% of the GIA)

- Emissions factor: 10 kg CO2 eq. per m2 (as an illustration)


- Percentage of quantity: 100% (i.e. all raised access floors to be reused)

- Emissions compared with current product: 5% (as an illustration)


The result should be a reduction of 7.6 kg CO2 eq. per m2 of floor area and 1.3% of the building target. Is that less or more than you thought!